CQ Sew Creative Software Club - February 4

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Part 1 of a 2-session class

Class meets Friday, February 4 from 1 to 4

This is a Master Class by Janie Lantz called Filmstrip Fun. In this class we will design a Sampler Placemat using many different modules and tools:

1.  Explore the Filmstrip, its icons, and experience features such as linking to other modules.

2.  From the film strip, we will send a design to Stitch Editor to insert a color change.

3.  Add another design - a edo file to our placemat design.

4.  From the film strip, we will send this new design to Digitizing to edit the fills.

5.  Add a Super Design two different ways including inserting one into Digitizing to change the line type.

6.  Create a Ribbon Embroidery design.

7.  Add a Beaded Embellishment.

8.  Create another element using Express Design.  You will use Draw & Paint to modify the graphic first.

9.  Create a single Motif stitch with Frames, Motif Underline, and Encore.

10. Add Lettering

11. Analyze the stitch-out order and adjust using the Filmstrip Stitch Order Commands.

12. We will also discuss considerations when it comes to exporting or sending a design via Wi-Fi that includes a Ribbon Embroidery.

Janie has also included a bonus lesson on the Quilt Block Wizard.

Overall, this is a jam-packed lesson that we will start in February and finish in March.


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