Wide Extension Table - Brother SAWT6200D

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Expand the work area of your DreamWeaver XE Innov-ís VM6200D and many more machines with this easy-to-attach, extra wide extension table. This snap-on table extends to the left and rear of your existing work area, for easier handling of larger projects and heavier weight fabrics. The underside of the table includes built-in storage for the knee-lifter that is included with your machine, or for the optional, adjustable knee-lifter. Plus, a ruler is printed at the front of the table for last-minute measurements, and the four table legs are easily adjustable for varying heights. Perfect for ruler work quilting, large quilts and home décor.

Compatible with the following machines:   

DreamWeaver XE Innov-ís VM6200D, DreamCreator XE Innov-ís VM5100, DreamCreator Innov-ís VQ2400 (Included in DreamWeaver Innov-ís VQ3000), Stellaire Innov-ís XJ1.

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